Whats New In Minecraft 1.16.2 Java Edition?

Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos โ–บ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Minecraft 1.16.2 might be a minor update but its full of big features! Including a new mob, the pilgin brute.


Minecraft 1.16.2 Combat Test Snapshot 6 : Cleaving Enchantment, New Bow Mechanics & More!

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00:00 Intro & Minecraft 1.17 News
01:15 Piglin Brute & Related Changes
02:58 Key Changes in 1.16.2
05:20 1.16.2 Pre Release 1
06:22 1.16.2 Pre Release 2
09:55 1.16.2 Pre Release 3
10:33 1.16.2 Release Candidate 1
11:21 1.16.2 Release Candidate 2

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