My Guitars

Ibanez RG870Z
I brought this guitar after deciding I wanted to go all in and dedicate myself as a guitarist. Its sturdy, plays wonderfully and has a slick look and feel about it. It was the only Ibanez in the local store within my price range and its shiny racing blue finish lured me in.

Epiphone Gothic Explorer 1958
Got this guitar dirt cheap on ebay over a decade ago. Its tuned to Drop D and requires a fixed strap to play standing up as the body drifts away from you but its still a lot of fun to play and the shape looks and feels awsum.

Being a die hard Meshuggah fan I had to get an eight string and its been so much fun to play Djent and music that scales the enormous fretboard. Its currently in Drop E while I play lots of Deftones songs from their last two records but usually is in F.

ESP Custom Explorer
This Snow White clone of a Hetfield classic is fun to play but a knock off. It looks incredible but sounds and plays like a cheap guitar.

Ibanez Universe UV70P-BK
This is literally the guitar of my dreams. I grew up watching videos of Korn, Meshuggah and Morbid Angel shredding this mysterious seven string beast with the green dots. It is an iconic guitar and I have been blessed with owning this premium factory reissue. Its the best built of all my guitars despite having a thick wizard neck.

Ibanez S470DX
My first proper guitar, Its fifteen years old and a little stiff in its age, the whammy is bust but it still plays reasonably well and has been tuned down half a step to D# for Slayer, Satyricon and other bands that play a half step down.

I needed another seven string for A standard, the Korn tuning, so I got this one based mostly on looks, the birch fretboard and amazing paint finish dazzled me. Turns out it sounds super crunchy and is such a great fit for the low end Korn sound. It also plays in D as a six string for bands like Ghost, Death and Cradle Of Filth.

Ibanez RGRTB621-BKF Iron Label
My new shread machine. Built for extreme metal, this one has a fixed tail, making it ideal for rhythm guitar. This new addition will likely be my main practice guitar from now on as it plays so sturdy.

My Pedalboard

Eq, Loop station and Tuner for basics. The Precision Drive distortion pedal is an impecable product for the modern Metal guitar tone!