Xisumaverse | Privacy Policy

Your Privacy on the Xisumaverse Community Servers and Your Rights

[Version 1.0 10th May/Mei 2018]

Who are we?

We are The Xisumaverse, a community for the supporters of the brand which Xisuma provides his fans with a community Discord, public/free-to-play and supporter  (Patreon, Twitch Tier 3 and BuyCraft) Minecraft servers and our Gateway System for joining our Discord Server and Supporter Minecraft Servers.
In the event that you have a question about your privacy on The Xisumaverse, please reach out to us on [email protected]

What do we collect and why?

We collect a variety of information about and from you. You consent for this information to be collected whenever you join our Discord or Supporter Servers via the Terms of Service for our Gateway System. What we collect about is different for our Minecraft Servers and our Discord Server.

On our Gateway System, which is hosted in Germany:

Our Gateway System, is hosted in Germany along with our Minecraft Servers. Here we connect to various APIs and get information from you and about you with your consent and authentication via our Plotworld Server.

  • We collect information about your Minecraft UUID, Minecraft In-Game Name, Minecraft Group in order to give you access to our supporter Minecraft Servers
  • We collect your provided E-Mail Address along with your Minecraft account information as part of the signup process on the Plotworld Minecraft Server
  • We collect your Discord Account information, including ID, username and associated mail address so you can integrate with our Discord Server.

Regarding Payment Information:

We (The Xisumaverse) do not collect any payment details from Twitch, Patreon or Buycraft. We only receive confirmation that you are a valid/active Twitch Sub, Patreon or Buycraft Subscriber, and we also get how much you have paid to determine your Level of Support to The Xisumaverse. The data that we store regarding all 3 of these methods has been listed below.

  • We keep information regarding your Twitch Subscription. We know if you have subscribed, with what Twitch Account, the email associated to the account and your subscription plan. This is in order to ensure that you receive the appropriate rank on our supporter servers and on our Discord.
  • We keep information about your Patreon Account. We know if you became a patreon, your email address and what tier on Patreon you are pledged at. This is to ensure that we can give you your monthly rewards and access to our supporter servers and supporter only chat on our Discord Server, and to those that have it your colored rank on both those servers and on discord.
  • We keep information about your BuyCraft Subscription to The Xisumaverse: Plotworld, so that you receive your monthly rewards on both our Free-To-Play and Supporter Minecraft Servers as well as your colored rank on our Discord Server.

On our Minecraft Servers, which are hosted in Germany:

  • We associate your Minecraft UUID with your Discord Account, that way the staff are 100% certain as to who you are and what your Minecraft In-Game name is.
  • We log your IP Address and the number of times that you have connected and disconnected from The Xisumaverse as well as the timestamps of each attempt to connect or disconnect. This allows us to identify most common times of activity and how heavily each of the servers on our network are used. This also helps tracking intrusion attempts and DDoS attempts. We keep this information indefinitely
  • We log everything you say in Minecraft Game Chat, this includes private messages. We may use this information to keep a track of player behaviour and can see this information in real time. We keep this information indefinitely
  • We may log every player interaction on our Minecraft servers, including blocks placed, broken as well as any other interaction made. This allows us to identify cases of theft and griefing, so damage done by other players to an area can be undone. We keep this information for between 6 months to 2 years

What do we share with others?

Banned Players: We may share information about banned players, in particular their Minecraft UUID, Last Known Minecraft Username, Brief reason as to why they were banned and Discord ID with the owners and administrators of other Minecraft Servers within the HermitCraft Community.
This information is shared so that moderators on the other servers can pay additional attention to players that are known to cause trouble due to their history on other Minecraft servers within the HermitCraft Community.

Mojang Account: Our Minecraft Servers are online servers, meaning that each time you login, your Mojang account is authenticated by Mojang. Mojang is therefore made aware that you have logged into our servers and when.

Discord: Our non private in-game chat is shared with Discord, as part of a two way communication system between our servers and one of our Discord Channels. This takes place even if you are not apart or have used Discord. Discord is a California/USA based company, therefore your chat is transferred out of the EU to the United States, where it is then protected by the Discord Privacy Policy. [Link: https://discordapp.com/privacy]

BuyCraft: We use BuyCraft to process payments on our Minecraft Plotworld server. The payment is entirely handled by BuyCraft itself and we receive information about the time and date of your payment, the amount as well as your Minecraft UUID and username. BuyCraft is registered under “Tebex Limited” in England, Wales. [Link: https://www.buycraft.net/info/legal]

Xisumaverse | Privacy Policy

Your Rights

The data we keep about you is your personal data, and is held within the European Union and falls under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 2018. This means that you have certain rights:
  • 1 - The right to be informed
    Your first right is that we tell you about what data is held about you. This also includes informing you of your rights, on which this privacy notice is given.

  • 2 - The right of access
    You have a right to know what information is held about you. This allows you to check that The Xisumaverse is correctly using your data for its intended purpose. If you feel that your data isn’t being processed correctly, please reach out to us on [email protected]

  • 3 - The right to rectification
    This is your right to correct the data that is held about you. Most of the data we hold is done via the Gateway System and can be self-corrected by you, using that same system. If you are unable to correct your data, please reach out to us on [email protected]

  • 4 - The right to erasure
    This is your right to be forgotten. When you request to be forgotten, all of the data that is held about you is gone, this is an irreversible process. You will also as part of this irreversible process, lose access to everything within the Xisumaverse as well as any progress that you have made on any of our servers. If you do not want your information to be held by The Xisumaverse anymore, please reach out to us on [email protected] (NOTE: Data regarding Ban, Mute and/or Warning records will not be removed. See the section regarding “What do we collect and Why” for more information.

  • 5 - The right to restrict processing
    If you feel that The Xisumaverse is not using the data for its intended purpose, you have the right to stop us from doing anything with your data for a while - stretching as far as deleting it - while the staff on the server deal with your issue.

  • 6 - The right to data portability
    You have a right to take your data from The Xisumaverse and use it elsewhere on other services in a common, open structured format that is intended for computer use. If you wish to do this, please reach out to us on [email protected]

  • 7 - The right to object
    >You may, at any point in time, object to our processing of your personal information on grounds relating to your particular situation. Any objections should be made to us on [email protected]

  • 8 - Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling
    While you have various rights relating to profiling and automated decision-making, We do not engage in either of these activities.