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LPMtea aka LPM3 Features

Custom Recipes
In the Cutter:
- 2 Slabs per any plank type
- 4 buttons per plank type and stone
- 2 trapdoor per plank type
- 1 striped wood per log
- 1 stair per plank type
- 4 clay balls per clay

In Blast Furnace
- Stone to Cracked Stone
- Netherrack to Nether brick
- Quartz to Smooth Quartz
- Sand to Glass
- Sandstone to Smooth Sandstone

In Crafting Table
- Dropper in the center of a bow recipe = Dispenser
- Nametags
- Blackstone
- black dye from coal /charcoal
- dragon breath + almost any block = 2 mini blocks

- Stairs
- Slabs
- Wool
- Netherwart
- Blue Ice
- Packed Ice
- Honeycomb Block

Dyeables from all colors to all colors:
- Wool
- Glass
- Concrete Powder
- Terracotta

Resettable Featuress (Currently Offline)
- Overworld Mining Dimension
- Woodland Mansion
- Ocean Monument
- End
- Nether
Custom Armor Stand Commands
/stand opens the menu
/stadj will modify how much each action in the menu moves
/standbind will bind that action to the item you're holding

Custom Functions
/uar time tells you how long until a server restarts
/hat puts your currently held item on your head
/mutedeath mutes your death messages
/resetskull clears your head cache before reset
/count tells you have many persistent mobs are within render distance of you
/count hostile tells you how many hostile entities are within render distance of you
/count all tells you all entities that are within render distance of you
/sittoggle turns off the chair ability

Creative Server Only
/tpa sends a tp request to a person
Name Tags
- silence_me = silences a mob
- benjamin_button= makes a permeant baby version of the animal if possible
- peterpan = reverts an animal back to the child version
- zombo_baggins = makes a living entity that can hold weapons able to hold weapons

Custom Game Rules
- FireTick is off
- Keep Inventory is on
- Enderman Griefing is off
- Ghast Griefing is off
- Percentage Based Sleep is on
- Per Player Spawns is on
- Breadrock Baking is allowed
- TnT Duping is allowed

Anvil Features
- Naming something " by " in the anvil will not rename the item but add that line + the players name in the lore line
- Naming something "droppable" will make the item drop on death from the player

This is a whitelisted server

You can find the Server IP in our discord server

Ban/Mute Appeals

Our moderators work hard to enforce the server rules to help maintain a pleasant environment. The use of punishments such as bans and mutes are sometimes necessary.

If you feel that you have been banned or muted unfairly, please go here.

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  • Official Xisuma Mousepad* by ZloYxp.

  • Adjustable 4" Evil Xisuma figurine**.

  • A choice from one of five high quality Doom themed Xisumavoid posters* by Mixinu.

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