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How To Get On Our Servers

Click the big purple button below to begin linking your Patreon or Twitch account with your minecraft name to get whitelisted on all our servers. You can be whitelisted as a "Tier 1 Patreon" or "Tier 3 Twitch Sub". Once successfully connected you will be whitelisted for 32 days and the system will automatically renew your twitch subscription / patreon pledge unless it is cancelled. If you have any issues and need help using the system you can reach staff in the help channels at our community discord server.

Public Servers

Not all our servers require whitelisting! We have plotworld(s) and a public mini game server that you can join today!
Plotworld - (1.12.2)
Livestream plotworld - (1.12)
Diamond Defender 2 - (1.12.2)

Whitelisted Servers

You can find the Server IPs in our discord server
Lets Play Minecraft Together - ??? (1.12.2)
Vanilla Biome Bundle - ??? (1.12.2)

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