The Importance Of Good Sleep

Matthew Walker the Founder of the Center for Human Sleep Science drops an endless string of fascinating and practical knowledge about the importance of sleep and how good rest can transform your quality of life.

Motivation For Exercise

Joe gives a motivational speech about discipline, exercise, the value of being healthy and how our instincts work against us when facing discomfort.

The Brain: The Story of You

David Eagleman's short book is a fantastic introduction to understanding how your brain shapes the reality you perceive. It breaks down different components of reality and our senses and explains whats going on in the mind. Great introductory book, essential reading If you have never come across this sort of information before.

Thinking Fast And Slow

The video linked is not the original but a fantastic introduction to the concepts explained in the book.

Diving deeper into the mind and how it works, this book breaks down the thinking mechanisms of the mind and gives us a deeper understanding of what part of ourselves our of are own making and what parts are more automated than we realise. Citing lots of scientific studies, Daniel Kahneman reveals many misconceptions we face in everyday life. I would recommend reading the book over the audiobook here which is a little drab.

Everything Is A Remix

A fantastic documentary that may reshape your perspective on what "copying" is and the the nature of "originality". Culture, art, music and so much more of what we experience and create is built of the back of what came before it. This documentary gives a deeper understanding to the timeless quote "we stand on the shoulders of giants". You can watch the original series here on the official website.

Sugar Is Not A Treat

Educate yourself on what happens to your body when you eat sugar. Over time sugary foods have become more commonplace in the average deit. We are starting to really learn and understand about the negative effects of processed sugar in our diets and this video has fantastic information and some ideas for you on how to cut down.

Conspiracy Theories

Take a step back from the information at hand and learn about your perceptions and cognitive biases. Conspiracy theories often fall to the mercy of correlation without causation and this video outlines some principles to help you understand how your own thoughts and feelings may deceive you.

Think About How We Use Numbers & Stats

Numbers and statistics are an interesting way in which we try to understand the world around us but they can be misleading. This video walks you through many examples of how data and numbers can be shaped by perspective and vice versa. Its good to understand these concepts so you can avoid falling folley to them.

Social Media Manipulation

Destin of Smarter Every Day has put together a fantastic three part series looking at the reality of social media manipulation. Everyone existing online should be weary of the environment we engage with. We will at one time or another encounter comments, videos, even memes made by individuals with an intent to influence your thoughts through deceptive tactics.

Choices, Focus & Anxiety

There is a lot of information to digest in this one, mainly revolving around our actions, choices and relationship too them. Understanding and examining these in your own life may free you from ambient anxieties and stress.

Finding Peace From Mind

A quick and to the point train of thought highlighting our ancestral minds constant alertness to danger and threats that no longer face us in the same capacity in this modern age. As Naval points out, it is peace from the constant thought of mind that we should seek as happiness.

Logical Fallacies

Understand flawed thinking is important in seeking something closer to truth. Not only in others you may engage in argument with but also in ones self. It is all to easy to reason with logical fallacies, especially when it may support yours or someone else's viewpoint. Learning these should help you sharpen your reasoning.

Changing Others Opinions

I like to express my thoughts and opinions. I like to hear others too. I am personally not all that invested in the success of changing another's opinion too but this video is an interesting perspective on the mechanics around what goes into holding opinions and how they may best change. If you are a keen debater, this one is for you.

The Illusion of Truth

Your mind is a complex thing. It is not as balanced and as reasonable as you might assume. This video give you some fantastic insights into the mind's shortcomings and manipulability when it comes to perceiving "truth".