Minecraft 1.21 | Dried Kelp Block Crafter | Tile-able Refueling XP & Fuel Farm

Minecraft 1.21 Tutorial Playlist β–Ί http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEB388783144C45A8
Minecraft 1.21 introduced the Crafter! Now we can automate turning our kelp into dried kelp blocks. This contraption is a tile-able drief kelp block crafter that refuels itself with dried kelp blocks as well as providing xp too!

Cubehamster - @cubehamster

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0:00 Dried Kelp Block Farm
1:16 Tutorial
2:01 How It Works
3:45 A Harmless Flaw
4:12 XP Farming
4:45 Tweleve Wide
5:26 Output Per Minute
5:40 Cubehamster
6:17 Outro
6:36 Bonus Derp

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