What the server?

The Xisumavoid.COM Server is an awesome Creative Plotworld server where you can join and build your amazing ideas!

Each and every one of our plots is the fantastic size of 123x123, this means that not only do the plots give you lots of space, but they are also chunk aligned so your Redstone contraptions don't break!

What are you waiting for? Head online now and grab a plot and start building!

The Rules

We want our server to be a pleasant environment for all of you Minecrafters to play in, thats why we have these rules in place!

Global Rules
  1. No spamming or advertising
  2. No ASCII, Unicode art, or links in chat
  3. No abusive or inappropriate language
  4. Only English in public chat
  5. Respect all players and staff
  6. No inappropriate or imitating usernames
  7. No collecting or sharing personal information without the owner’s consent
  8. No asking for ranks or extra plots
  9. Do not abuse bugs
  10. No hacking/cheating
  11. No non-survival friendly enchantments or extra-effect items (such as +# speed)
  12. No spoilers
  13. No abusive/inappropriate builds
  14. No fast redstone clocks
  15. No griefing
  16. Autobuilding is not allowed (Schematica printer)
  17. No Autoclick programs to level up

Ban/Mute Appeals

Our moderators work hard to enforce the server rules to help maintain a pleasant environment. The use of punishments such as bans and mutes are sometimes necessary.

If you feel that you have been banned or muted unfairly, please go here.

play.xisumavoid.com Server IP
1.12.2 Server Version
Type /discord in-game Discord
ts.xisumavoid.com Teamspeak
Online Players
How do I get a plot?

Getting a plot is easy, and can be done in three simple steps!

  1. Do the /register [your email] command in game
  2. Check your emails for an activation link
  3. Log into the server and do /plot auto

See, I told you it was easy!