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Xisuma is a popular UK-based content creator and Minecraft player who has made a name for himself over the last 10 years in the Minecraft community as administrator and founding member of Hermitcraft, which is the longest running and one of the most successful MC SMPs in the game’s history. Additionally to producing weekly Hermitcraft episodes for over a decade, Xisuma is keeping his audience of almost two million subscribers up to date with informative content around the game, be that tutorials, mythbusting, or scripted explainer videos on the game’s continuous development and current topics. His ability to release informative videos about the latest update releases within hours after their announcement has earned him the name "Mr. Snapshot" in the Minecraft community.

Over on Twitch Xisuma streams several times per week for his over 500k followers. While he mainly plays Minecraft, he also enjoys playing variety games. By popular demand his educational YT channel “XisumaSays” was made and quickly reached over 100k subscribers. While XisumaSays started with live stream footage, it is now developing into a professional edutainment channel that is offering high quality educational content about productivity, fitness, life skills and current issues.

He has been working with sponsors since June of 2021. The following channels are places for which he offers integrations and affiliation.

Main Channel xisumavoid

1.83M Subscribers

38% USA | 8% UK
84% Male | 13% Female
43% 18-24y | 26% 25-36y

We offer 45-90s integrations with the use of personalized animations and/or b-roll editing (example). Our workflow starts with script writing, recording audio, then animation, with your approval each step of the way.

For integration inquiries contact [email protected]
For affiliation inquiries contact [email protected]

Twitch Livestreams xisuma


(Streams get uploaded to xisumatwo)
255K Subscribers

We offer multiple integrations (2-4) per livestream. These are casually worded promotions that can include onscreen assets like an image or video clip you provide. Our workflow consists of getting your approval for talking prompts I will use live on stream.

For inquiries contact [email protected]

Xisuma Says link

106K Subscribers

38% USA | 11% UK
77% Male | 20% Female
47% 18-24y | 21% 25-36y

We offer 45-90s integrations with voice overs and b-roll editing. Our workflow starts with script writing, recording audio, then editing, with your approval each step of the way. We are also open to directly relating the topical content to the advertisement if its a good fit.

For inquiries contact [email protected]

Other Information

I have other social media presences too.

120K Followers on Twitter

19K Followers on TikTok

A readership on My Music Blog

We are open to hearing all forms of idea, so please don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

If you are a game publisher wishing to send a game key to Xisuma, this would be the appropriate way.