Submission Requirements for Showcase Plots

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So you want another plot?

To get another plot your current one must be showcase worthy, meaning that it goes above and beyond. Make sure to fulfill all the requirements and use the tips below as a guideline to increase your chances of getting another plot!

Just because you meet all requirements, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get another plot. If your plot is not accepted, don’t take it personally!

While we want our players to have as much building space as possible, we must recognize that there are players that would take advantage of it (whether accidentally or intentionally) and create plots with little on them. To combat these unfinished, ugly plots, we make it so players can only have one plot of their own that they can build on at a time.

At all times, your plots are still in your possession. This means you can always /plots home to them. However, once you finish a plot, you can submit it. From that point, you have to wait for a staff member to review it. Many times, it will be rejected and you will be given notes on how to improve it. This doesn’t mean that your plot is bad. This just means that we found a few places where you can improve to make your plot overall better. Once you make the improvements, simply apply again the same place you did the first time.

Once it has been accepted, it will be locked and you will be given the ability to claim another plot. We lock it so that players can’t go back and clear it so that they have two plots. If they do that, they have just removed an amazing creation from our world and added a plain area that takes away from our server.

At this point, you can start building your second plot. Once you finish it, you can begin the process over again for your next plot submission.


  • Interiors must be complete (no blacked out windows or empty buildings).
  • Must use entire plot (including underground).
  • General theme to the plot (not random builds).
    • Build has good flow
    • Build has good colour palette
  • Good Lighting
    • Exterior and interior

Note: If your build is conceptual or perhaps a build of a monster etc, some of these rules may be overlooked as they don’t apply.


  • Avoid flat areas: you can add custom trees, bushes, terrain, buildings, and more to a flat area.
  • Use custom terrain: whether referred to as terraforming or landscaping, making your own hills, bodies of water, etc can make your build looks stunning!
  • Use custom trees: while not being limited to the minecraft trees you can try out different types/shapes of trees.
  • Avoid flat walls: walls that are a few blocks thick can add depth and dimension, also it allows for more room for detail.
  • When applying: make sure to answer “pizza” for the final question that asks whether you have fulfilled all requirments.
  • Use interesting Roofs: instead of using a flat roof or a triangle roof, try out something different such as pyramid, cone, dome, etc.
  • Add elevation ot the build terrain: build buildings at different heights, a good foundation for a build makes all the difference.
  • Use a variety of materials: materials in the same colour families can add a new level of detail to your build.
  • Plan out your build: use markings on the plot to plan out where structures or terrain can go, use image references from google to inspire your build, and think big!
  • Use a high level of detail: whether in the walls, around the terrain, or as furniture, details can put a build to the next level!