Donate to the server

Keep the server alive!

Like the server? We do too, but sadly like a lot of things it costs money to run. Which is why we rely on your donations to keep the server online. All donations we receive go straight back into the server, and no where else. The moderators and admin team all work in their own free time!

Want to donate? Head onto the server and do the /buy command.

Donation Perks

Donating to the server will give you these awesome extras:

  • /jm toggle lets you see when players leave and join!
  • //fast break blocks without causing updates (only works with WorldEdit)
  • /hat put blocks in your head slot
  • /flag access to flags to put onto your head!
  • /speed control how fast you move!
  • /thru go through walls!
  • /plot biome changes your plot's biome!
  • /plot redstone control who can interact with your plot's redstone!
  • Have your own dedicated voice and text channel on Discord
  • Able to chat continuously while the chat is in slow-mode
  • A fantabulous blue name in chat!

Subscribing to the server:

When you donate to the server, your rank lasts for 30 days. If you would like your rank automatically renewed every month, choose the subscribe option. This will charge whatever payment option you had each month.

Upon the second month of this process, your name will become a lighter blue to show our appreciation for your commitment.

Donation Goal

Our server has a donation goal that players can view the progress of in percent form. Each time someone donates, it contributes towards the goal. Once it reaches 100%, ALL players on the server will gain access to:

  • /plot biome changes your plot's biome
  • /jm toggle let's you see when players leave and join!
  • World Edit allows you to edit a large amount of blocks at once, copy, paste, and much more!

These perks will last until the end of the month. At that point, the donation goal will be set back to 0% for the process to start all over again.