Minecraft: How To Track Time (Minutes) Spent In A Minecraft World Tutorial

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This minecraft tutorial will show you how to track the amount of time players spend in a world or on a server in minutes!

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Scoreboard Commands
1 "/scoreboard objectives add TicksPlayed stat.playOneMinute"
2 "/scoreboard objectives add MinutesPlayed dummy MinutesPlayed"
3 "/scoreboard objectives add MinutesPlayedTmp dummy"
4 "/scoreboard objectives add DivideNumber dummy"
5 "/scoreboard players set #TicksPerMinute DivideNumber 1200"

Command Blocks
Repeat/Unconditional/Always Active
6 "/execute @a ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players operation @p MinutesPlayedTmp = @p TicksPlayed"

Chain/Unconditional/Always Active
7 "/scoreboard players operation @a MinutesPlayedTmp /= #TicksPerMinute DivideNumber"
8 "/execute @a ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players operation @p MinutesPlayed = @p MinutesPlayedTmp"

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Minecraft: How To Track Time (Minutes) Spent In A Minecraft World Tutorial
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