Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my account?

Type the command /register on the server with your correct email address. Then, activate the email by clicking the link we sent to you. Finally relog (that is, log out then back into the server).

How do I get myself a plot?

Once you have completed all steps of registering, you can either enter the command /p auto to get a random plot or /p claim to claim the plot you are standing on (needs to be a free plot).

Can I get more than one plot?

Yes, however only once it has been approved. To apply to get your plot approved, click here. You will be sent a mail on the plotworld whether you have been accepted or not. To view your mail, do /mail read. If your plot has not been accepted, follow the advice your reviewer sends you. If it has been approved, you can claim another plot.

Can I have someone's plot who's been offline for a long time?

If a plot has nothing substantial on it and the owner has been offline for at least rougly two, and a half months, the plot may be reset so anyone (including you) can claim it. However, you must get your current plot approved first.

Can I join plots or edit the plot border, path, or wall?

According to our rules, players may not join plots or edit the plot border, path, or wall. Sorry!

I see a nice build on another plot; can I have it copied to my plot?

Copying builds is against the rule unless you have explicit permission from the owner. Usually, players are more than happy to let others use small things, like their car designs, with credit.

This server is the bee’s knees! How can I support it?

Sadly, the server costs money to run. For that reason, we rely on your donations to keep it alive. To learn more, or if you are interested in helping, enter the command /donate or click here.

What's the difference between donating and subscribing?

When you donate to the server, your rank lasts for 30 days. If you would like your rank automatically renewed every month, choose the subscribe option. This will charge whatever payment option you had each month. Donators and subscribers receive the same perks, however, upon the second month of subscribing, your name will become a lighter blue to show our appreciation for your commitment. If you want to learn more about donating, click here

Can I cancel my subscription or get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not give refunds under any circumstance. Your subscription may be canceled at any time and you will continue to have the donation perks until the end of your subscription. Once your subscription has ended, all perks are withdrawn until you donate/subscribe again.

Can I get WorldEdit access?

Everyone is given WorldEdit when the donation goal is reached. However, WorlEdit is not a donator perk.

Can staff WorldEdit for me?

Moderators are very busy, and so, can not always WorldEdit. You may ask politely, however, if a Moderator is unavailable do not pester them; WorldEdit is not their job. Also, do not ask staff to change small amounts of blocks that you can do by hand. And if staff is able to WorldEdit, make sure you make it clear what you want changed.

How do I become staff?

Staff are not always being looked for, and asking for it will just lower your chances (it is, by the way, against the rules to ask for on the server). If we are looking for staff we may tell you, but please don’t ask to be promoted. There are no applications.

Do you have a Discord guild?

Yes! In fact, your in-game name and rank is synced to our guild. To join, enter the command /discord on the server and follow the instructions that you are given. Note that you must be registered in order to join our Discord.

When does Xisuma come online?

Xisuma is a very busy man, but he does come online if he has some free time. If you see him building on the server, be respectful and give him some breathing space.

What do all the coloured names mean?

When on the plotworld, go to the spawn (to get there, do /spawn) and to the right you will see a complete list of the ranks and their colors.

I found a bug or I have a suggestion; where do I submit it?

Bug reports and suggestions can be submitted here.

I want to make a map for one of the minigames; what do I do?

You can submit your map designs here.

What is allowed and what isn’t?

You can view all of the rules by doing /rules on the plotworld.