Extreme UHC

Want to take part in an Extreme UHC?

All you have to do is:

  • Be a subscriber to any of the streamers in the list
  • Login to twitch by clicking the button below!

The next UHC is on 12th of March (7PM GMT).

The rules:

  1. The use of any clients/mods that give you an advantage over other players, cave/chest finders or x-ray resource pack is strictly prohibited.
  2. You may not go underground and camp once the worldborder has fully shrunk.
  3. Spoiling someones location to others or ghosting in general is not allowed.
  4. You may not attack or try to attack anyone during the grace period.
  5. You are not allowed to stream during the UHC, recording is fine as long as you follow the upload schedule provided after the UHC.
  6. Teams will not be resorted once the team sorting has finished.
  7. Respawns due to block glitches or lag won't happen.
  8. Using any exploits is strictly prohibited. If you accidentally find any form of exploit you immediately have to inform an admin about this.
  9. Combat logging (logout during a fight) should be avoided and may result in a punishment.
  10. Any type of third party program that interfaces (directly or indirectly) with the minecraft client to provide an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Examples include (but not limited to) autoclickers, macros, multiple attack buttons (multiple buttons/keys bound to leftclick), editing hardware to allow clicking faster than humanly possible (drag clicking), and changing default mouse interactions (like double/triple click on a single click).
  11. Deliberate team killing is not allowed