Xisuma Dictonary



Said to be Xisuma"s way of saying the common Youtuber word, "Tutorial". This word is seen in many of his redstone videos, but can crop up in certain episodes of Hermitcraft videos too.



The way the master himself, "Xisuma", pronounces his name. Many different forms have been spoken over the internet, such as "Ex-oo-ma" and "Ksoo-ma". For all we know, even HE may be saying it wrong ~(o.o)~



heard in almost every video of Xisuma"s, this is his unique way of saying "Hello". Simple.



This is heard in a vast variety of X"s videos and legend says that this is the way that "Possible" is pronounced in his own little world. Does that legend pozeebly tell the truth?



Mashed potato with a hint of mushrooms? Nope - this is just X"s way of saying "Mushroom". I better stop talking about this word; there isn"t mushroom for anymore info ;-)



Sounds much like a derpy way of saying "Diorite" - Oh wait, that"s what it means. Did I just call Xisuma derpy? Woops, sorry :3



This is said to be the way Mr X says something, and that something is "Something". Am I missing something here?



Woah there! Xisuma appears to be blown away by the sight of this new liquid - "Water!" Isn"t it amazing?



Once again, another facinating word for "Water" brought to you by Xisuma



Xisumas way of saying he"s recording and editing. Why say two words when you can say one?



Everytime i see a pump, i always think its just so plump... Yes thats right, plump is what Xisuma calls pumps in hermitcraft modsause.



Xisuma"s of way of prounouncing the mindcracker zisteau"s name!